Let´s get these teen hearts beating.
Faster, faster . . .

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Kisses . . .

[x] On the cheek
[x] On the lips
[x] On his hands
[x] In my room
[x] In his room
[x] A little bit younger than me
[x] A little bit older than me
[x] With black hair
[x] With brown hair
[x] Blonde hair
[ ] With red hair
[ ] With a tongue ring
[ ] Shorter than me
[ ] With a lipring
[ ] Who i truely loved
[x] Who was drunk
[ ] Who was high
[x] In the morning
[x] Right after waking up
[x] Just before bed
[x] Late at night
[x] Who i had just met
[ ] Who really didn´t want a kiss
[ ] We were just talking not dating
[x] In a bed
[x] At school
[x] Against a wall/fence
[x] In an [old] hotel
[x] At the beach
[ ] At a concert
[x] In a pool
[x] Who was a good friend
[x] In the rain/snow
[x] On the stairs
[x] In a a car/taxi/bus
[ ] In the movies
[ ] In a bathroom/laundry room
[x] In the dark
[x] On a roof top
[ ] Under water
[ ] While he was driving
[x] While i was driving
[ ] More than one person at once
[ ] Crying
[x] Goodbye forever
[x] When i was drunk/buzzed
[x] Upside down

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